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This is a true story that I am sure you can relate to, one way or the other.

A company hired one of the smartest young men in their recruitment pool, let’s call him Dave, and as expected, in just 12 months, Dave had distinguished himself as a great hire. He was thereafter rewarded with a ‘Promotion’ to become a Team Lead.

Now, as a Team Lead, Dave carries on with his job; doing what worked for him and earned him the promotion – being a ‘do-er’, micromanaging his team, directing and instructing at all times, working very hard, and not delegating.

His team’s performance and morale were declining, and the bottom line started going south…


Becoming an impactful leader requires more than just being smart and sharp. It requires a lot of unlearning, learning, and relearning. And when left unattended, the ‘Dave’ situation above is inevitable – often with very costly consequences to the organization. You certainly, cannot afford to allow this to happen to your organization. Not at this time.

Send your Managers and Leaders to the t-Consulting Leadership Academy to avoid this situation. It is a Leadership Minting platform where the complete leader is raised and equipped with 360-degree Knowledge,
Skills, Attitudes, and Competencies.

Our curriculum covers the following, amongst others,

  1. Self-Awareness
  2. Self-Management
  3. Leadership and Management
  4. People Management and Team Building
  5. Strategy, Planning, and Execution
  6. Commercial Competencies

Program Structure

A. Program Duration

The Academy will run for 3 months, with 1 week of contact every month (Tuesday – Friday each week). This structure allows for ‘teaching practice’ time for each participant.
Contents will be delivered in a carefully choreographed sequence that synergizes the knowledge shared to build one on the other.

B. Program Activities

The following activities will happen during the 3-month duration of the program

  1. Classroom Sessions – This involves impactful multi-dimensional content (Instructor-Led, Case-Studies, Simulation Sessions, Multi-media content, etc.)
  2. Learning Activities – These are games and activities carefully selected to enrich the learning experience
  3. Group Project – This is a practical application of all the principles shared during the program (Teamwork, Project Management, Communication, etc.)
  4. Personality Profiling- Each participant will take a Personality Profiling Test. This is to provide insight and feedback (both to the participant and the organization) on their personality(ies) and how to make the best of it.
  5. Program Report – Periodic progress reports will be sent to the organization during the program and at the end.

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The next run commences soon.

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