Eventus Networks Limited is a 100% owned Nigerian company, formed as a limited liability company in early May 2014 by the 12 trade partners of MTN operating in Lagos. Eventus is now the biggest trading partner to MTN with an expected yearly turnover of over N130Billion. The organisation dominates the entire electronic business of MTN providing consumers with airtime of any denominations, anywhere, anytime. t-Consult helped Eventus come up with their strategy in putting together the requirements needed to help its reach its set out objectives, targets and returns on investment.

Kadick Integrated Limited is one of the major players in the Nigerian Telecoms Industry. Dealing in the following:

  • Recharge Cards (Physical, Logical & VTU)
  • Handset
  • Accessories

t-Consult helped the employees to achieve the following:

  • Visibility and transparency of all transactions
  • Efficient account operations
  • Smart reporting methods
  • Control of all activities surrounding the business financials

Office Devices Limited is one of the leading Telecommunications Distributor in Nigeria. Office Devices deals primarily in MTN Products, but also engages in the distribution of the other networks (Zain, Starcomms, Multilinks, Glo and Etisalat).

t-Consult helped in the Documenting, Standardizing and Optimizing of the company’s operations for immediate operational efficiencies, profitability, increased market share, improved customer satisfaction and long term sustainable growth.

Is one of the major players in the Nigerian Telecoms Industry. It is a major Partner with MTN and Airtel Networks, among others, and has since being growing strong in the field for best part of the last decade. We provided training for senior staff members in the area of operational excellence which involved:

  • Clear elaboration of the Profit concept
  • Differences between Profit and Cash
  • The value of Budgeting and Budgetary control
  • Exposure to Personal Effectiveness skills and competencies
  • The need for optimal Business Processes
  • Delegation and Escalation in the work place
  • The need for good record keeping and analysis
  • The benefit of information-driven decision making
  • The power of an effective Performance Management System

Ringo is a member of the Maple group, established in 2005 as a brand that offers high quality, differentiated solution to Customers. It was set up as a company offering mobile communication solution that improves the quality of people’s lives by helping them communicate in simple, exciting and unparalleled ways.

t-Consult was contacted to provide some of the services required for the actualization of this project which were:

  • To lead the process of creating a Project Articulation Document (PAD) for the project
  • To provide the Financial Services required for the project
  • To provide the project Management services required for the project

Nigerian Airspace Management Agency (NAMA) was established by the Act of Parliament No. 48, commencement date of 29th May 1999, as a body corporate with perpetual succession and common seal; that may sue or be sued in its corporate name and shall own, hold or dispose of property ( whether movable or immovable). The agency has a governing board headed by a part time chairman, he is appointed by the president commander in-chief of the armed forces for a term of four years.

In collaboration with Bristol, t-Consult provided training in Business process Management under the following objectives

  • Demonstrate a basic knowledge of Business Process and Business Process Management
  • Recognise the importance of Business Process Management and its integration with organization’s strategic goals
  • Demonstrate some knowledge of the key concepts, processes and functions that make up Business Process Management
  • Demonstrate the basic understanding of quality assurance – Six Sigma
  • Demonstrate some understanding of BPM tools and modelling

In partnership with Right Time Printers, t-Consult provides the services of printing corporate items for Delta Airlines

TIG TRAVELS & TOURS is a company is working in Tourist information sector of Nigeria, they provide travel and tourism related services to the public on behalf of suppliers such as airlines, car rentals, cruise lines, hotels, railways, and package tours.

t-Consult provided the services of Documenting, Standardizing and Optimizing its operations for immediate operational efficiencies, profitability, increased market share and improved customer satisfaction.

In partnership with Right Time Printers, t-Consult provided the services of printing corporate items for Tour Brokers International.


CALEB is a brand name in the Education sector that is recognized for all round excellence. The phenomenal growth of Caleb Group of Schools is a solid confirmation of the fact that the Management of the School has vast experience in school administration and management.

We provided the services of recruitment of an Executive Director for Caleb Management that would provide successful Leadership and Management of the Group of Schools according to the strategic direction set by the Board of Directors.

Edysyl started primarily to provide Library services and later launched a Christian Bookshop. We at t-Consult provided the services of: redesigning the organization for optimal performance, setting up a suitable Performance Management System, documentation of the current organizational processes (Documentation of the As-Is Processes) and later the creation of improved processes, within existing constraints (Documentation of the To-Be Processes), training of the improved Processes and setting up a reporting and monitoring system, for sustainability of the company


Onward paper mill is one of the Leading name in the Paper/print product manufacturing sector, They manufacture and export various paper products ranging from General/Customized paper stationery to print items for PR and marketing communications, light packaging and labels for pharmaceutical industries, transactional documents, money binders for banks, magazines, journals and a lot more.
We provided the following services for them

  • Documented all Onward Paper Mill Processes
  • Designed Best-fit Processes for Onward Paper Mill
  • Designed Organizational Structure, Job Profile and a basic Performance Management System (a later addition)
  • Trained the employees of the company in the new Processes
  • Assisted with the cutover to the new Operations style.

Is a 100% subsidiary of listed AFGRI Limited, operating independently from AFGRI with its own brand, systems, people and communication lines. CMI operates in most African countries with its head office in Centurion, South Africa, under the AFGRI group guidelines and values, as well as Corporate Governance rules dictated by the Johannesburg Stock Exchange Their services can be classified in the following main disciplines:

  • Collateral Management (CMA)
  • Stock Monitoring (SMA)
  • Storage (SA)
  • Inspections

t-Consult provided Human Resources Services under the guise of Pay Structure Design, Tax (State and Federal) and Pension Registration , Payroll Preparation and Approval, Pay Slip preparation, Salary Payment, Tax Remittance and Pension Remittance


We provided the following services

  • Documentation of the As-Is Processes as it relates to one (1) Organization
  • Documentation of the To-Be Processes of the same Organization

Venture Garden Group is an Investment Holding Company that incubates, invests in and operates early revenue, technology companies implementing proven I.T. solutions that transform companies and governmental organizations in emerging markets to high performing establishments. T-consult provides financial and operational services to VGG.


CleanAce is a Dry-cleaning and Laundry Services Company, with rich exposure and footprint in the industry. With matters arising in management , t-Consult was contacted to provide the following:

  • Create a system that will birth and nurture the culture required for the success of the organization
  • Create and achieve adoption and buy-in for a standardized and efficient Business Process
  • Create and implement a system for tracking and reporting on the performance of every employee in the organization
  • Create and implement a robust and differentiating Performance Management System
  • Create a system that will deliver a world class customer experience in a predictable manner
  • Create a system that maintains and improves all the initiatives implemented

A courier service in Nigeria, a part of the maple group established in 2003.It offers a comprehensive range of local and international express delivery of mails and logistic services

t-Consult provided the services of designing and implementing a comprehensive performance management system as well as recruitment of staff to fill vacant positions with the re-engineering of the company processes. t-Consult also trained staff in the newly documented processes and performance management documents.


Promote Women International is a non-governmental organization that promotes women businesses. They organised an expo for women in all stages of businesses by providing the perfect platform to launch products, building awareness, network etc.

We provided the following services for them

  • Strategizing on the expo and getting buyers
  • Advertisement and Mobilization

First Bank Nigeria Plc., established in 1894, is literally the first bank in Nigeria, with a nationwide branch network.

It is a Nigeria-based, international bank that offers a wide and exotic range of financial services. The bank strongly desired in leveraging on its strength to position itself for the long run by winning with all strata of the society. This desire was responsible for the move by the bank to focus on its brand proposition and aggressively drive Brand Quality Assurance within the organization, with t-Consult designing a project management framework which included the articulation and documentation of Project Charter and Terms of Reference, articulation and documentation of project scope, design of an optimal Project Governance Framework and provision of support services for the set-up of the Project Team. T-consult also designed the project plan and department standard operating procedure.

Information Technology

iWayAfrica is a leading African ISP, offering solutions over satellite, fibre optic and wireless networks. iWayAfrica’s expertise lies in designing, installing and operating networks to suit customers’ requirements. In partnership with Right Time Printers, t-Consult provided the services of printing corporate items for Iway Africa.

Zippro Systems Ltd is in the business of providing leading Software Solutions, Information Technology integration and other wide ranging technological innovative solutions across the globe. t-Consult partnered with Zippro in the marketing of applications designed by Zippro to SMEs and also in the development of applications designed by t-Consult.

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