It has been proven, with the hindsight of the Asian tigers and the newly emerging countries in that region, that the SMEs are very critical to economic success of any country. Nigeria needs to follow in those steps. Our research and experience has revealed that the following (ranked in order) are the major challenges facing SMEs in Nigeria:

  • Finance
  • Power
  • Lack of Infrastructures
  • Affordable Skilled Manpower
  • Management Competencies
  • Government Policies
  • Tax Environment
  • Regulatory Environment

The average entrepreneur is typically an experienced and/or passionate individual(s) who is keen about their line of business. So, technically, they are walking on familiar/well known terrains.

However, how much can the individual(s) do all alone? How far can they go all alone?

This is what brings about the need for high quality support every step of the way, from Conceptualization, to Start-up, Stabilization, Growth, all the way to Succession.

Looking at this list, it is very obvious that every entrepreneur needs some help to get the dream actualized…and this is where t-Consult comes into the picture!