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Assurance Services is the arm of our business that seeks to ensure that organizations are working efficiently, effectively and optimally. It seeks to ensure that organizations are getting good value for their efforts, with the barest minimal wastage. Whether it is Process or Revenue assurance, it’s all about one thing….ensure that there are no leakages in the organization.

Process Assurance

With our expertise, we assist companies and organizations to conduct a walk-through exercise of their set up, end-to-end. Here we seek to align the Voice of the Customer (VOC) with the Voice of the Process (VOP). This is to enable the company eliminate all in-efficiencies, thereby indirectly improving performances and ultimately, profitability. The output of such an exercise will be:

  • Fully documented, approved and circulated Policies, Procedures and Processes
  • Fully documented and aligned Organogram, Job Profiles, etc.
  • Company-wide training on the new methodology
  • Implementation of new solutions and technology, as appropriate
  • Fully integrated and scalable Performance Management System, properly aligned with the company’s overall strategy.
  • A pilot launch, where applicable.
  • Hand over to the company or organization.   

Revenue Assurance

The focus of this effort is ensure that the company or organization is not losing money. Whether it’s a complicated contraption like the telecoms company or a basic buying and selling organization, this is a very important exercise. The output of such a process will be

  • A fully fortified internal control mechanism.
  • A well-documented and entrenched change control system
  • A company-wide Revenue Assurance culture

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