2022: Going, going…not yet gone

Many people are conscious of the ‘Ember Months’ for different reasons. There’s usually a mix of anxiety and excitement in this period. Truth is, there are still different opportunities to largely influence where you’ll be at the end of the year 2022.

Did you set some juicy goals at the beginning of the year? This is a good time to reflect, analyze and adjust. It is typical that some of those that have “abandoned” the goal post since announced in January, will experience a new found motivation in this period to meet their targets while those that have kept their eyes on the goal all along and have put in the effort, look forward to the rewards (if they are not already reaping it).

Whichever side you are right now, you should first and foremost, from a place of gratitude, think about your journey so far. Surely, there were challenges you didn’t anticipate – and perhaps, help you didn’t expect to get too- that just showed up. Reflecting with a mindset of gratitude has the capacity to open your mind to answers to questions you had in unclear phases of your journey and new possibilities.

Then, go ahead to evaluate that journey!  What has worked? What has not worked? Why did it work or not work? How did it work? How can you improve on what has worked? What are the traps and obstacles you discovered? If you are a business owner or manager, what is the competition doing? What are the leaders in the industry doing? What is the gap that no one seems to be bridging? What new methods should you be trying out?

Continuous growth requires continuous search and research. And progress is sustained by carrying out constant evaluation and making relevant adjustments.

Now, do not make the mistake to think that you can only set new targets in the New Year. You still have more than 150 days to make the year 2022 count. However, be careful not to overload yourself. Based on your evaluation, you should have gained a better understanding of your capacity. Whether it is bigger than what you estimated in January or smaller than you’d like to admit (don’t worry, it can be built), it is useful to plan according to your capacity.

As you go ahead to plan to make the most of the rest of the year 2022, do you know that it is not too early to start planning for 2023? We’ll be sharing more on this soon.

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