Preparing for 2022

Don’t you just love the holidays! Especially this one that indicates that a new beginning is just around the corner. 2021 was a unique year, wasn’t it? The one in which many unexpected things happened in our lives, both good and bad. COVID-19 showed up in new variants, people got vaccinated, some refused to get vaccinated; countries placed some countries on red-list, cryptocurrency became more popular, the data for an HIV vaccine that showed a 97% response rate in clinical trials was released, businesses adapted their operations to remote work-life, some businesses died, some thrived, some new ones were born, Twitter got banned in Nigeria (for deleting the President’s threatening tweet)… and many more. 

In all, it has been a year filled with lessons on being grateful for life and other ‘little’ pleasures of lifethat we so often take for granted. 2021 also taught us that everyone must get busy with whatever they have in their hands and strive to be successful at it.

So, what is the next step as we go into 2022? Have you started planning for the new year or still believe in just coasting through life (personal and business). Remember, failure to plan in reality means planning to fail. Preparation, born out of expectation, is the mother of manifestation. It is however, not too late. 

Although there are many variables outside our control, it does not change the fact that, if there is anything we hope to achieve as a business or as individuals, we need to plan towards it and then take steps to work out the plans.  

To develop a solid plan for the new year, be bold enough to Dream BIG. Take a glimpse at the past, learn from it and use the knowledge (together with available information from research) to design your intended direction (for your life and/or business). Next step will then be to take actionable steps towards your goals.

Tips on planning for the new year are available everywhere, even from people that may not be qualified to give advice. So rather than tell you what you already know, we’ll just remind you that

1. It all starts from the MIND. Know and get it settled deep within that you are the architect of your life. 

2. Set realistic but audacious goals and break them into actionable steps

3. Focus on the things you can control and keep the things you cannot control in your peripheral view. 

4. Have “Progress Check Points”

5. Do what is necessary to stay accountable

6. Pay adequate attention to your physical and mental health

7. Even when you run into a block, you don’t have to give up on your goals. Adjust the plan and keep moving. Do not stop, even on 31st Dec., 2022.

8. Even if you achieve your goals for the year earlier than expected, push to the next level, set bigger goals and keep moving.

All your winning in the new year starts in your mind

Best wishes for 2022 from all of us at t-Consult. Have a splendid holiday!

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