Let’s talk about Delegation

A leader cannot do all of the work for an organization; if one tries, he or she will not be successful at leading. This fact is why we have decided to talk about: 

Delegation and Eliminating Key-Man Risk

Delegation means to give another the authority to act on your behalf, accompanied with responsibility and accountability for results.

In delegating, you (the delegator) will be responsible for the success or failure of the individual or group you delegate to (the delegatee). The delegator carries whatever risks are associated with the results, some directly (e.g. sanctions) and others indirectly (e.g. workplace hazards).

It can be “risky”. You are the best, you have been doing it for years, why on earth should you delegate? Here are some answers to that:

As a leader, you must give others the opportunity to grow. If no one took the chance with you, you wouldn’t have achieved the expertise you have. Are you saying, “oh..but I’m self-taught”? Let me rephrase then, If no one took the chance of making the knowledge available wherever you learnt – either by observation, explanatory media or documents, or even a chance to practice- from, you wouldn’t have achieved the expertise you have.

It’s easier to get more when you shed some (Personal Growth and Organizational Growth is a win-win). There’s more knowledge out there than whatever you think you know. The best way to avoid obsolesce is to keep seeking. You cannot seek easily if you have your current knowledge tying you to the height you’ve attained 5 years ago, just because you cannot let go and allow someone else try. You think you don’t want to take such big risk without realizing you are taking a bigger risk of overburdening yourself (health drainer), undermining your followers (frustration brew/ worth minimizer) and running a key-man risk show (growth stifler).

Let your dreams live beyond you. Perhaps you are running your ‘Brain-Child’ Organization, it’s easier to think no one gets it like you do but permit me to burst your bubble. A successful Leader is one who can raise followers and eventually successfully raise Protégés that get the vision and see farther. Let’s repeat that in a slight rephrase, “You are a successful Visioner, when you can sell the vision and the dreams beyond it”. If you do not delegate, no one will make mistakes you will have to correct, yes. The extension is, when you are no longer available to watch people try, those mistakes and more will be made and there may be no remedy to keep the castle from crumbling.

(Do Pause and Ponder)

At the end, it is risky but the benefits are definitely worth the risk. Delegation represents a step towards wholesome growth more than anything (for you, for people that look up to you and for your sphere of influence)

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